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#59282 - Willie: Och Lisa is looking at my huge cock I wonder if she is getting wet Little does he know just yet how wet Lisa Simpson is getting she is wetter than she has ever been in her short life, As they drive Lisa continues to look at the bulge in Willie's Pants. Lisa: Wow Willie your cock is so big and hard can I touch it? Willie: Och aye Lisa you can touch it be careful with my balls they are very sensitive and can hurt badly so don't squeeze to hard ok Lisa: Ok Willie Lisa reaches out and gently touches his cock Lisa: Wow It's so hard and soft at the same time Willie: Stroke you hand up und down and squeeze gently Lisa: Like this Willie? Willie: Yes just Like that Lisa Lisa gently squeezes his cock and slides her hand up and down Lisa: Damn you're huge Willie, How big are you? Willie: 12 inches Lisa Lisa: Wow that huge you are bigger than normal yes? Willie: Yes I am on the larger side most are around 6 inches Lisa: MMM feels so warm

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High wizard
She is cute
Edy nelson
Her jeans just magically ripped out