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#80814 - John came closer to me and put his hand on my thigh and massaged it gently this made my heart skip a beat at his touch i still continued to drink as he moved his hand up and down closer to my pussy his hand was now under my skirt bushing against the edges of my panties he looked into my eyes as his hand brushed over my cotton panties his finger pressed harder on my clit and dragged his finger down my slit my panties were soaked and i was getting very turned on i knew what was going to happen next i needed more alcohol in me i reached out for the glass of wine and skulled it in one big gulp and laid down ready for John to do whatever he wants to me. Next minute Laura parted my pussy lips with two fingers and slowly finger fucked my pussy while still having my clit in her mouth she was hitting my little tingle spot with the vibrations coming from her lips moving like a vibrator I moaned quite louder than a girl like me should but she definitely knew what she was doing down there she br

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