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#107704 - And before she knew it, she was bare, her armor and the leather clothing protecting her skin laying in tatters on the floor at her feet, having presented no real challenge against the sharp claws of the cats. Death from the shadows, something she trained hard to achieve turned her into a silent yet efficient killer. but first, I think we better hang her in a more accessible position.

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Kimi aoi
Tarado omg tu es um doce obrigadinha vivi hummm adoro sentar bem dotosoaugusto obrigadinha meu dotoso mas podes dar atencao a ela e depois tocar uma bem dotosa pra mim farei sim tesao demon obrigadinha meu tesao fico feliz que tenhas gostadosrbunda fico feliz que gostes tanto assim
Jessica morishima
You are my lovely
The second i heard magic set i was immediately reminded of cr1tikal