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#70021 - when my mom got there she came into my interview with me and i told my side of the story and was released without charge and went home to harvey and went to sleep the next morning harvey and i was woke up my the apartment phone so i got out of bed and answered it i said hello the man on ther other end said that my brother was being released from prision and needs a bail adress i said why havent you tried my mom the man said he has tried but never got an answer i told him to try again because im only 19 and put the phone down. i walked back into my bedroom and harvey asked who i was on the phone too i said to the la prision warrden harvey paid more attention and said why would you be talking to a warrden babe because my brother is getting released in a few days harvey got out of bed and said you have a brother yes i do he is called francis why was he in prision? babe why do you care harvey he isnt your brother no your write he isnt he is however my brother in law

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