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#97901 - Marsha then explained that I would get to fuck the one girl that night, the next girl the following the night and so on. All day Sunday I could only think about more sex with Marsha. Marsha asked, “Don’t you like me?” I answered, “Sure! I like you! A lot!” Marsha said, “Then get undressed and come in the water with me! Haven’t you ever been skinny dipping before?” I answered, “No! I haven’t!” Marsha said, “Well as you can plainly see I’m naked so why don’t you get naked and join me!” I said, “Well I’m kind of embarrassed that’s all!” Marsha asked, “What do you have to be embarrassed about? A hard-on! I’ve seen them before! Look my nipples are hard and my pussy is wet! That usually means that I’m excited too!” I said, “Your pussy’s only wet because you were in the water!” Marsha slipped a finger into her pussy and said, “This isn’t lake water! This is pussy juice! And it tastes delicious too!” With that Marsha put her fingers in her mouth and sucked them

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She is awesome sucks like a pro