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#29010 - Melissa didn’t finish her studies she left town almost immediately after i found her and dad together last i heard she was in London keeping a low profile and dad has gone to China and he is keeping a low profile all he got was $1million and fired from his job as a money manager after the divorce Mum got $30 Million dollars from the divorce and sold our old house for $2. Mum is a very successful real estate agent and she is currently ranked no1 in the state. Mark what a surprise seeing you here what is up son? I look up at my mum and she sees the tears in my eyes and she rushes over “Oh Mark Honey what’s wrong?” I look up at her and say mum you better look at these pictures and it will tell you what is wrong Mum takes the camera from my hands and goes through the pictures i had taken of dad fucking my now ex Melissa, “Oh My God Mark” what is this “Mum i caught dad fucking my girlfriend Melissa on your bed a few minutes ago” “What?” “Yes mum its true as you can see by the pho

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Her name
Yuuka hayase
Racism tends to do that
Hajime shino
I like that you add your own music touch
Gotou toushirou
She knows how to ride