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#311709 - Then off she went for a couple of hours watching soaps whilst working out in our spare room. She explained that she was getting worried about picking guys up in such public places as we live in a relatively small town she was worried about getting spotted, she wanted me to take her out in the evening to a different town so she could get dressed to the nines and have a few drinks whilst selecting her next stud, I was stunned this was not the Alison that I had married, she went on to tell me she often had fantasised about being a “trollop” and now that I had given her the excuse she was not going to miss out on it, especially as she only had 9 to go after this Friday thus reminding me that big paddy was scheduled to give her a seeing to, she went on to tell me she wanted some quality guys and they didn’t frequent Sainsbury’s Caf?nd hinted that there would be plenty for me too if I played along, I must admit my cock was beginning to stiffen at the thought of a threesome, a fact not

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