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#304481 - Jill and Vera stared intently as Claire continued shaving, and by the time she was finished, all that was left was a little tuft of hair just above her slit. Jill, not being able to get the shaving thing out of her mind asked, Did you use shaving cream or what? Good grief, Jill, a now inpatient Claire replied, do I have to show you how it's done?!? Yeah, both Jill and Vera replied in unison, show us how it's done!!! Okay, I will, a cocksure Claire retorted while downing the rest of her drink in one gulp, let's go to the bathroom! Taking their drinks with them, they walked single file up the stairs to the master bathroom, where Claire immediately took off all of her clothes and started running a hot bath. Baby oil, she said, I've got some here somewhere, ahhhhh, here it is! After sitting down of the floor, all three women took some of the oil and rubbed it in to the freshly shaven skin.

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Agreed my favorite hentai to get started