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#199631 - “shush little one I’m not going to hurt you , yet” you tell me in a kind yet condescending tone I don’t stop trying to move away from you. lightly looking up at you with sad pleading eyes you “don’t touch me” I say my voice barley over a whisper you stroke my cheek looking down kindly your hands begin to travel over my body “I’m going to touch you as much as I please girl you are mine and you will do best to please me or you will be beat” you tell me in a matter of fact tone. “Has the slave girl missed me?” “oh yes Master girl always misses you and awaits your return” I smile my toes curling at the thoughts of what your return really means, thoughts of your touch and the idea of pleasing you look over at your body thinking to myself how you truly are better looking then I remember when you brought me here and then the thoughts of how I had acted run into my mind and I have to stop from laughing out thinking of my foolishness.

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She gives it better to herself than her boyfriend