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#171067 - His voice had changed, it was no longer smooth and refined it was guttural exactly matching the crude words he used to describe her and her anatomy. She tries again and after several deep breaths delivers the required words “Good afternoon master, I am Amanda your fuck slut, how may I whore for you today” The master grunts a response before telling her to pose for him, looking at her lap top screen she could see his rapid arm movement and realises that he is masturbating as he watches her pirouette in the school uniform, she has a sense of revulsion with herself for allowing this to happen, but feels trapped in his evil web. Amanda is horrified when the master calls them his sluts and appalled when they reply in unison “We are your fuck sluts how may we whore for you today master” Do you want to know what happens next? .

Read Sloppy Blowjob Shiritsu Kemono Gakuen | 私立野兽学园 Snatch Shiritsu Kemono Gakuen | 私立野兽学园

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Rio kuroki
A smashing sex goddess perfect fellatio
Hibiki | verniy
This is so hot the cumshot on the abs drove me wild