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#305515 - I asked how much she was expecting to get for it she said I'd be happy with anything above 3grand with would be a great deal for it, I thought to myself, I can't let an opportunity with a babe like this go I had to make a move. After looking myself over I decided to get dressed. I looked her over on more time stopping at her amazing eyes I picked her up and placed her on the bed we returned to our kiss but this time it was a little more easy to wonder with my hands I put one hand to the side of her hip and slid it under her shirt and along her ribs all the way up till I felt the side of her bra than back down again once again I pulled out of the kiss and started to undo her shirt I got to the last button and she sat up so I could easily pull her shirt off I looked and her black laced bra in awe of the beautiful breasts that it covered.

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I love to fill both holes
Amu hinamori