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#318028 - Ranma asked Oh that, I think about the day ill be roasted every day since as long as I can remember it probably started around the time my mother was spit roasted by my father the same way him and your dad did Nabiki and all I can think is how much I don't want that to happen to me Akane said as the tears rolled down her face, Then ill make sure that while im around it will never happen to you! Ranma replied. Hear that boy? Genma said stopping his latest punch just before it hit Ranma in the face, Ya pop sounds like we been training all night Ranma replied ignoreing the fist in front of him and making his way to the kitchen, So Kasumi, what's for breakfast? Soun had asked his oldest daughter, Well father today I have prepaired a pot of rice and pickels to go with some of the left over girl-bacon and sausages from when we roasted Nabiki last week Kasumi answered. Oh, then what are we talking about? Akane said retaking her seat, Just chopping off a few

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Yui kusano
God i wanna get peed on again
Jiang wei
Your long legs are so lovely